The Girl In The Auto Rickshaw - Chapter 10/11

I Never Said Yes

Now Karan and Roma started talking on phone from 11:00 Pm to 01:00 Am.
 After six days Karan notices that Roma is sounding a little depressed.
He asks the reason. Roma tries to avoid his question but when Karan insists she says “Karan, I am facing a little problem. Tomorrow is the last day for paying Rani’s hostel fees. I have tried my best to arrange for money but failed”.
Karan asks “How much do you need?”
“Twenty-five thousand rupees” Roma replies.
Karan thinks very quickly in his mind. “If I give the money and Roma refuses to marry me after some months, how will I recover my money?” he says in to the phone “Roma give me some time to think”
After a few days of this conversation, Karan decides to help Roma by supplying her some imitation jewellery which she can display at her tailoring shop and earn some extra money. A businessman will always be a businessman. Even while contributing for a charity, he will always keep the safety of his investment in mind.
When Karan told Roma about sending the stock of imitation jewellery for sale, she did not agree initially and informed Aqeel about this matter.
Next day Aqeel calls Karan and asks what the matter is? Karan tells him everything and says “Brother Aqeel, I want to help Roma but at the same time I want to ensure the return of my money. That’s the reason I am offering to give imitation jewellery.”
Aqeel says “That’s fair enough, you can send the jewellery”
Next day Karan goes to the imitation wholesale market and purchases ten thousand Rupees worth of complete range of products suitable to be displayed in Roma’s shop.
When Karan asks where he can send the parcel, Roma tells him to send at Aqeel’s address. Karan feels strange that in every matter why Roma always involves Aqeel, then he thinks that maybe she doesn’t want to disclose the address of the shop. He sends the parcel to Aqeel’s address. After a week Roma receives the parcel.
Roma is delighted to see the products as they are carefully chosen and can be sold easily. She is a bit confused as to how to sell them. She starts by selling to her neighbours and relatives but that is too cumbersome. Then she displayed them at her shop, but that also doesn’t prove the desired result. Finally she decides to sell them on the weekly roadside market which is held every Monday.
Meanwhile, through telephonic conversations, Roma and Karan tell each other the stories of their lives. At this point of time Karan feels sure that Roma will never say no to him, as she keeps saying that when she will come to his home she will take good care of his health and also look after his mother.
Believing in Roma’s words, Karan and his mother start buying gold jewellery for Roma and Rani.
Once, while talking on the phone, Roma asked Karan “Karan suppose I marry you, what will happen to my parents? They will lose the income I earn, besides I have other commitments too like payment of instalments of the plots I have purchased, insurance premiums and other household expenses.”
Karan smiles and says “All this is not a big issue, Roma, after marriage everything will work out fine”
“But Karan how?” Roma asks “Don’t you think we must plan all this in advance”
Karan says “I’ve already planned everything; we will shift your parents to my city and keep them in a rental house. You can give your home on rent which will compensate for the rent here. We can find some good jobs for your parents.”
Roma asks “But if this plan doesn’t work out, then?”
Karan replies “Then, as an alternative, your parents can live there only and I’ll make some arrangements to fulfil their expenses. In an emergency, we can go there and look after them or bring them here until the emergency is over.” 
Roma is still not convinced “I have my doubts Karan” she says “All this will be a burden on you alone, as I will not work after marriage. I’ve struggled a lot, now I want to relax and enjoy my married life.”
Karan says “Stop worrying Roma, everything will be fine, and regarding payment of land instalments and insurance premiums, they will be my responsibility.”
Karan, who had rejected an educated girl because she had set a prenuptial condition, is now, in his innocence, agreeing to not one but several prenuptial conditions.
Roma says “My parents will not be able to adjust in another other city. They will stay here only”
Karan replies “Roma, I have given all the available options, now it up to you.”
After one month of this telephonic discussion, Aqeel calls and says “Karan, I’ve met Roma’s parents. They are very happy with your proposal.”
Karan replies “That’s fine, but what about Roma? She is putting one condition after another. I don’t think she is keen on marrying me.”
Aqeel says “She will call you today and give the good news”
Karan says “Aqeel I bet that she will never say yes to my proposal. Indeed if she says yes, I will give you a pizza party. In case she says no then you will have to give me a pizza party”
Aqeel laughs and says “I accept your bet.”
From the bottom his heart Karan wants to lose the bet. But his conscious mind says he will win it.
Same night Roma calls and talks to Karan as usual. At last she says “Karan, tell your mother I am coming to your city to live forever”
Karan says “Roma, from the tone of your voice, it is quite obvious that someone has forced you to say yes. I request you to say yes only when your own heart says yes. Otherwise you can say no and finish this matter forever.”
Roma yawns and says “Ok. Right now I am feeling sleepy. I’ll call you tomorrow.”
Next morning Roma calls Karan and says “Karan, you were absolutely right. Yesterday Aqeel and my parents forced me to say yes. I need more time to think; in the meantime we can continue to be good friends.”
Karan says “Ok” and disconnects. He immediately calls Aqeel and says “brother Aqeel, I’ve won the bet. Be ready to give me a grand pizza party. I’ve won the bet. Roma just called and said no flatly”
Aqeel is shocked and says “I can’t believe it”
“Then go and ask Roma yourself” Karan says and disconnects.
Aqeel goes to Roma’s place and asks her why she said no to Karan.
Roma takes a deep breath and says “Aqeel I’ve told you a thousand times. I have to look after my parents, if, God forbid, something happens to them I won’t be able to come here in time”.
As I will be 900 Kilometres away and it is 15 hours journey from Karan’s city to our city”
Aqeel says “Roma why do you think so negatively? There is a thing called aeroplane. You can reach here in 2 hours”.
Roma says “I need time to think”
Aqeel says “You are wasting your whole life in thinking. Roma this is a rare opportunity, Karan is a gem of a man. You will repent for the rest of your life if you lose him”
But Roma is adamant. Meanwhile she keeps talking to Karan on phone. Once Karan even offers to sell all his property and come to Roma’s city. He says he will find some job here, but in her usual negative way, Roma keeps objecting to whatever Karan has to propose. At last Karan is fed up and asks for a clear and decisive answer from Roma. She says no flatly.
Now the businessman in Karan awakes and asks for the repayment of imitation jewellery. Roma only sends 50% of the payment after many calls and reminders. Karan is angry. His mother, who has been watching all this, says to Karan “Son I’ve been watching you lately. I suggest you forget all about this girl Roma and make a fresh start.”
Karan replies “Yes mother, I think you are right. Enough is enough. Now I will start a new journey”
After this Roma starts avoiding Karan and he also decides to maintain a distance from her
Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”

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