Feelings Highway of Love - 1 (Short Story)

Highway of love

Karan and friend are on the way for their trip in car to worship gods places visit temples. Karan with his 2 more friend taking pictures and worshiping god goes ahead for next place approximate 1000km from their home town.
Friends reached at midnight 2am at destination all 3 friends were hungry found a hotel to stay and also to eat food at same hotel. While eating food saw a car white in colour completely muddy and full of dust. Karan said to friends see the car it may new but the current condition look like can be sold in kilos in scrap friends also made a fun of car. When they were finish with food Karan saw a girl sleeping in car wearing typical Indian dress with good embroidery & glass work on dress and both legs folded left hand below head lose hair covering her face only when the breath is out some hair flow. It looked like all sweet dreams are with her. Karan can’t see her face mean while friends called karan for rest at room.

Next day early morning 6.30am from balcony of room karan saw the car was washed the girl was not in the car. All friends were ready around 8.00am and walked for temple. Around 9.00am all friend were in “Queue” for temple. Thousands of people are in “Queue” to worship everyone has their own feelings and wishes.

Karan saw girl an average looking normal in height her face is very attractive wearing normal cream and black combination salwar kameez standing just besides him in “Queue” she was looking at him it will take time to in “Queue” friends were in their talks karan was looking to that girl. Karan was in two minds either to look at her or not as this temple and nothing pure then temple. Karan also had a thought if there is nothing pure than temple than god made love and love is pure in world. If she is having pure thought I will have pure thought.
They looked at each other half hours then all worshiped god after they were on their way. Karan tried to follow the girl but can’t find in crowd.

After worshiping god karan and friend were gone to a place 70 km ahead from temple and after enjoying all friends were back 6 pm evening at hotel.

Karan and friend saw the girl looking at her in temple was sitting at a bench in hotel compound she was tense and crying karan simply asked her what happen she replied I was gone to shopping and my friend left me and I am come from 800 km here I don’t know where have they gone we were schedule to go 150 km then return to home and any of them is not caring phone with them.

Karan asked at what time they left you. Girl replied before 2 hrs. Karan and friend thought 2 hrs. Mean they may be reaching destination karan just asked his friend to pack luggage and drop this girl to next destination. Karan asked girl can we drop you to your next destination may you can find your friend with you came here. Girl thought a while and replied yes please.
Karan and friend packed luggage and start towards destination to drop girl. In car karan asked girl what your name girl replied Roma in car karan and roma were comfortable with each other. Karan ask girl what vehicle you were came she described the car which karan and friends saw last night. Karan curiously asks roma yesterday night were you sleeping in car. Roma replied yes.

Why were you sleeping in car? Roma replied I had less money to share with friends and my friends taunted me for my less share of money that was reason I slept in car. Karan and friends replied you are brave girl “hats off to you”

Mid way while going to the new destination karan saw big crowd looking towards trench karan asked to stop the car and asked a person from crowd what happened here he replied a car was fallen in trench due to tyre puncture and driver could not balance the car. Karan tried to look down but trench was very big and he could not notice any car so he decided to neglect this incident and started the journey again.

Car reached to the destination they tried to find roma’s friend but could not find. All of them tried all hotels, restaurant, all tourist places, car parking whatever was possible they tried out. Karan said due less share of money Roma’s friends left roma to sleep in car they can leave her in mid-way it’s not strange.

Karan asked his friend to drop her at home. Karan’s friend took him a side and said you have important meeting tomorrow if you fail to reach you have losses. And why to go all the way  800 + 150 km back when we have 850 km to home. Just pay her for travel expanse and leave her.
Karan said no we all will drop her home no question further. Friends this time respected Karan’s word and started journey to roma’s destination all the back 950 km and 1800 km from Karan’s home. This means Karan and friends have to travel almost 1900 km extra which was not at all planned.

Next day morning 11.00am they reached to roma’s home. Roma’s house looks like a typical middle class Indian village hut. A well in compound some green grass bounder is made of dry sticks of steams of tree, a Margo tree, Mango tree, few Coconut tree, two goat and few hens in compound. Their roma brief the entire story to her parents. Roma’s parent’s respected karan and his friends offered him lunch and also asked to stay 1 or 2 days with them. But karan asked to meet roma’s friend who left roma in midway. Roma’s parent told karan they have not yet returned to home.

Karan and friend had lunch exchanged contact to their and return towards home with some sweet memories. Before karan and friends reaches to home roma made call to karan and informed her friend who left roma in mid-way were no more they died in an accident while return to home.

Karan was thinking what was reason he went to drop roma all 950 km away.
Was it crush?
Was it god’s decision to save roma’s life?
Was there some relation with roma?
ORThis was just a Feelings of Human?


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