The Girl In The Auto Rickshaw - Chapter - 08/11

Introduction of Karan

Karan is a self-made man. He is fair, is “5.10” inches tall, age 40 year old, slightly overweight, average looking man. Karan’s family consists of only two people, Karan and his mother. Karan has no brother or sister he is the only child of his parents.
Karan started his career at the age of 15, in garment industries. While all his friends were going to college he was into business.
He was married to Anjali at the age of 23 years. Due to some minor differences they were divorced when Karan was only 26. Karan suffered loss in garment business and shifted into property dealing business.
At the age of 34 years, Karan was married to Kunjika. After six months of marriage, Karan realised Kunjika was a character less girl and had divorced her.
At the age of 36, his father expired and at the age of 37 years Karan had gone through Angioplasty. Now technically Karan is a heart patient without any heart attack.
After his angioplasty Karan realises that there is no one to take care of his mother after him and if he happens to die suddenly, there is no legal heir after his death.
Karan is also an internet expert. He is a very shrewd businessman and is well connected politically. There are many cops, officials, politicians in his client list but he has never taken any unreasonable benefits of his influence. Due to good knowledge of internet Karan has been giving paid public services to help political parties. This was the reason why Karan is a famous personality in his area of residence.
Karan likes to speak in a humours way and talks point to point in such a manner that nobody gets offended and people believed in Karan’s word.
Like Aqeel, Karan also helps people but the difference is Karan never helps anyone with money. He helps with his knowledge, influence, or his physical efforts.
Aqeel never minds anyone taunting him but if anyone is sarcastic with Karan, he replies back strongly. On such occasions, he forgets all his politeness and makes the person feel guilty
When Aqeel helps anyone with money he never expects anything in return. If the person, who he has helped, fails to repay him, he never complains but when Karan helps anyone with money and that person fails to return the money or Karan feels that the person has some hidden agenda, he doesn’t leave him and teaches him such a lesson that the defaulter remembers it all his life.
Karan never received any kind of love from any woman who came into his life that is the reason why he is so shrewd. Karan strongly dislikes anyone playing with his emotions. If anyone does so he pays him or her in the same coin.
There are similarities between Roma and Karan also.  Both have had a very struggling life.
Both are hardliners, but there is a difference. Roma hides the truth and Karan speaks the truth on the spot.
Roma is multi-talented to her extent. Karan is also multi-talented, the difference is Karan is a very influential personality.
A person, who speaks politely, respects everyone, thanks everyone and apologises at appropriate times, is liked and respected by everyone.

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